Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Carmine L. Labriola of ReLandscapes, Inc. has performed as a priority contractor since 2005 directly for Albert Einstein facilities, performing the site landscaping and partial site work for the block research of Price building. He has worked since then as part of the planning and designing team, as well as performing individual projects such as the transformation of opening the facility into more of a campus environment.

Recently, ReLandscapes performed a Greenway Student Housing Corridor over the garage roofs and the Steam Plant Restoration, as well as many small exterior projects to improve and enhance the overall Einstein facility. Mr. Labriola has worked side by side with the Engineering department and we find him to be a reliable, reasonable contractor, meeting our expectations of work performance, value and integrity.

Fairview Country Club

Re Landscapes, in particular Carmine Labriola has been the environmental consultant for Fairview Country Club for the past ten plus years. The property is located in Greenwich CT , consists of 200 plus acres which include an 18 hole Robert Trent Jones designed golf course with practice facilities, 15 acres of ponds and wetlands, 10 har tru tennis courts, 2 premier surface courts, 3 paddle courts, a 65,000 square foot clubhouse with a hotel and waste water treatment plant. Carmine worked closely with the board of directors, various committees and me in establishing a master plan for the club. Portions of the master plan include a five year water quality project designed with phased improvements that include the reduction of multi nutrient flow to our pond system. Maintenance dredging of several of the ponds with extensive earthwork, drainage, grading, embankment stabilization of streams & wetlands as well as restoration of masonry walls and paving.

Mr. Labriola is extremely effective in permitting process which includes collaborating with course architects, committees and town governing agencies. I’ve found Carmine to be hard working, budget conscious and dedicated to each step of our projects. A real professional who is a pleasure to work with.

J.T. Childs, Jr.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you and your team have done at Omega Hill. When we met, our property consisted solely of my home. Our discussions, and the development of our vision has led to an extraordinary change. Together, that vision has become a picture of what was possible, and over a three-year period we have created an evolving
masterpiece. The profile of your work is a never-ending pursuit of excellence through an unyielding attention to detail.

A snapshot of what I consider to be noteworthy:

  • Your working with the local authorities to ensure a proper understanding of, and compliance with all wetlands and electrical regulations
  • The development and execution of our collective vision that now includes a regulation USTA tennis court; a legitimate half basketball court; a golf putting green and accompanying bunker; and a pond and vernal pool that serves as a natural habitat for frogs, and other wildlife.
  • The broadening of our vision to take advantage of the natural beauty of the property. We have installed driveway pavers; creative fencing and plantings; and leveraged the rock
    formations through paths and staircases accentuated by elegant stonewalls that also serve as sitting benches. The outcome, a network of 10 outdoor rooms, each representing a destination, a place to be, a place to sit, think and have a drink–all within the boundaries of nature. The Relandscape team of quiet professionals who effectively, and consistently, deliver the thoughtful execution of your vision-they take pictures and bring them to life.
  • The substantial impact that the execution of our vision has had on the beauty, and value, of my property.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Omega Hill, and the friendship of you, and the ReLandscapes team.

Pound Ridge Golf Club

By developing specialized methods for poor soil steep slope conditions and creating erosion control designs/applications for wetland care, the results were excellent. Mr. Labriola trained the general contractors and Pound Ridge Golf support staff in theses procedures. Utilizing coconut coir fabrics, special seed mixes, hydro seeding, permanent internal wetland barriers, stone check dams and earth swales etc..

Mr. Labriola encouraged me, as the Golf Course Superintendent, to be involved during the early stages of the installation so that I would have the knowledge of the
existing conditions after the conclusion of the project. As the Superintendent I was fully responsible for the growing in of the tees greens, fairways and rough/native areas. Mr. Labriola was a positive influence to me as well as in promoting the environmental and water quality phases of the golf course development.

Mr. Labriola brought a unique professional talent as a consultant to the project with over 40 years experience as a general contractor and leader in the landscape construction industry. His ability to work with professionals with staff in all levels of integrated accelerated the achievements Thank You- Golf Course Superintendent – Pound Ridge Golf Club

Pondside Board of Directors

I can unequivocally recommend Carmine Labriola and ReLandscapes for any projects you may be considering. ReLandscapes has been Pondside’s wetlands contractor for over ten years and during that period has completed a variety of pond improvement, maintenance and landscaping beautification projects, always in a timely, professional and singularly competent fashion. In addition, ReLandscapes has resolved many of Pondside’s storm water drainage issues employing innovative, cost-effective techniques and always with reverence to aesthetics and attention to site landscape restoration.

As an illustration, a recent late-night emergency involving a rather large sinkhole which severely impacted drainage on our property had alarmed residents greatly. Carmine was on site early the following morning to examine the damage and had already mobilized and ordered a crew to the site to protect the property from what might have been much worse damage, as well as threats to residents’ safety. Once a remedial plan was worked out and approved by the Town authorities, the Relandscapes crew, with Carmine’s oversight, was able to accomplish it with almost breathtaking dispatch, especially considering the magnitude of the work. If the work had not been completed before a major rainstorm, we could have had some major problems.

Tishman Technologies Corporation

Last year, Realife Land Improvement & Carmine L, Labriola performed the design/installation for the MCI Facility, Elmsford, New York to meet our budgets and individual request of the owners. The building is one of MCI’s flagship projects. We found Realife Land Improvement/Calmine L. Labriola to be conscientious, cost effective and sensitive to the owner’s requests. We are presently working with Realife Land Improvement/Carmine L. Labriola on a re-design of a conceptual Senior Aged Home, Condo, and exclusive residential development, utilizing the approved landscape drawings, Realife Land Improvement/Carmine L. Labriola in order to meet our owner/project management budgets.

John. W

We hired ReLandscapes to help us redesign our yard as we renovated our house in Rye. ReLandscapes not only designed the work to be done but performed the work, including earthwork, drainage, sod installation, masonry walls, patios and asphalt paving. ReLandscapes has outperformed our expectations. The one element of our relationship that I have most appreciated is the iterative approach they took to the project. No master plan could have conceived all of the challenges we had along the way. This approach also gave us the opportunity to feel and see the landscape work progress before we made the next step. ReLandscapes was flexible and always took into account the time and cost of the work to be done.

Westchester Property Management Group

This letter is to inform you that I have a long-standing working relationship with Mr. Labriola. He has always been quick to respond to any of my properties needs and is resourceful in quickly identifying solutions. He oversees his excellent team of employees, all with a total respect to the bottom line and the monetary confines of my properties. His insight into long term solutions has helped us to alleviate any and all problems. I value his continued expertise regarding performance in our water quality, general contracting and landscaping. As Senior Property Manager for Westchester Property Management, I would highly recommend Carmine Labriola for any considered scope of work in his fields.

Woodard & Curran

Mr. Carmine Labriola has performed quality work and has adopted a ‘team” mentality for projects that we have worked on together in the past including the Beaver Swamp Brook redevelopment project in Harrison, New York and Rye Country Day School in Rye, New York. For Beaver Swamp he showed exceptional fill material, dredging and wetlands management skills. For Rye Country Day School, he provided top quality landscaping services.

FTI Consulting, Inc.

We have had the pleasure of working with Carmine Labriola and his team on a rather challenging project. Our home borders on a river and the lower part of our property is protected wetlands. We approached Carmine with the idea of opening the lower part of our property to gain access to the river. Carmine had the necessary credibility and was able to obtain the approvals from the Wetlands Commission (no easy task). Carmine developed an environmentally safe strategy for clearing weeds and building a stone path which met the stringent requirements of the Wetlands Commission. My wife and I were very pleased with Carmine’s ability to gain approval and complete the beautiful meadow and wild flower project.

Samuel. L

Mr. Labriola has been ever mindful of cost and each time, in spite of our budget restraints, he has proved to be an expert problem solver- both resourceful and inventive. He is able to approach problems from several angles and to quickly find solutions, all this in a calm and intelligent manner and with an admirable ability to get to the heart of the problem. In addition, we are pleased to say that we have always found his team of workers to be prompt, reliable, very skilled, very pleasant and very hardworking who take great care to leave the property in an immaculate condition upon completion.

Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendents Association, Inc.

On behalf of the MetGCSA Board of Directors and its members, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to our group. In this day and age, regulatory agencies, from the federal to the local level, play a large part in preserving wetlands and native habitats. Gone are the days of just being able to “just do it”. Your presentation gave our members insight on how to approach any project involving a body of water with careful precision and having the utmost respect for the environment, while appeasing regulators.

Arthur. M

I want to thank you, for the superb job you performed creating a beautiful environment for my driveway, and for streamlining the permitting process. The speed and efficiency you and your men completed the job was impressive. Your judgment and selections for my landscape environment were well thought out for our budget. Re Landscapes saved us time and money, drawing the engineering plans and streamlining the administrative process. Your knowledge of the process and people cut out the long, risky, and costly wetlands hearings, planning boards meetings, etc.

Iris. M

ReLandscapes has been the best contractor we have ever had in our entire history of home contracts. Carmine Labriola solved a drainage problem, which had eluded others, with great expertise, integrity, accountability, pleasantness, speed, and fairness. He also solved a very long-standing problem of a friend – his knowledge in landscaping and land drainage issues allows him to approach problems with ease and confidence. We recommend him with full confidence that whoever uses his services will be totally satisfied with his work and pricing.

Lucy. O

Just wanted you to know how pleased we were with the new look of the front of our house. The design was great, the plantings chosen were colorful and interesting, and the overall look was much nicer than I expected. Your men worked tirelessly to get the old out and the new in. The job was completed in about half the time I had thought it would take. The fact that someone came by before the sprinkler system was redone to water while we were away speaks volumes to the care and attention you devote to your work.

Eng Land Farm

My husband and I purchased a wonderful piece of property in Brewster, NY with a beautiful old stone house, a guest house and a lot of potential. With a stroke of luck we were introduced to Carmine L. Labriola and as they say the rest is history. With Carmine’s vision and knowledge we were able to transform the property into a magnificent working show jumping facility and home. Carmine Labriola’s company was able to build a top notch riding ring with fantastic drainage, so much so that you can ride in it even after the worst of rain storms as well as a special barn site, paddock area, all equipped with the irrigation that would make public parks jealous. Mr. Labriola’s out of the box way of conceiving enabled us to take a once special piece of property and make it magical. Beauty that is functional, you can’t beat that.

I know without his expertise our property would not have reached it’s potential. I recommend him every chance I get.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Thank you for sending me the photos of your current project in the restoration of the Civilian Conservation Corp Camp at Kent Falls State Park Trail. I am happy to see REALIFE Land improvement continuing to take pride in working to restore and extend FDR’s legacy of respect for the land.

I wish you continued success.

James. A

I have known Carmine professionally for about 15 years. Having been a real estate consultant myself, for my entire 40-year career, I became familiar with a number of extremely complex and troublesome property problems that were successfully addressed – and solved – by the brilliant and resourceful Mr. Labriola and the crews in his employ. These issues involved large institutional properties such as hospitals and schools and commercial buildings of all descriptions. As I understood them, the problems typically centered around structural issues, electrical and plumbing incapacities, and hydrological (ground/water) difficulties.

My closest and most recent association with Carmine concerned our own personal, hydrology issue in 2013 . . . . a destructive, out-of-control, underground breach in our home’s foundation that permitted storm water suddenly to rush in, thereby compromising the integrity of our entire basement and two perimeter walls – all occurring far below grade and completely out of sight. Carmine’s diagnosis of this problem led to a major excavation, followed by the design and construction of a unique drainage solution: a system of indoor and outdoor waterways below the basement floor that carried the storm water all the way to the municipal catch-basin at the edge of our 4-acre property. It was a truly ingenious and totally successful project from every point of view.

I believe Carmine Labriola is better known among suburban home owners for his landscaping successes rather than for his engineering triumphs. His knowledge and use of grasses, shrubs, flowers, ponds, trees, fencing, walls, pathways and all the accoutrements of property beautification can be seen and recognized throughout Westchester and the adjacent counties. He is clearly among a very few landscape contractors in this region who enjoy such a sterling reputation.

In sum, not only Carmine, but the men in his employ (many of whom I have met, over the years) are knowledgeable, dependable, capable and courteous.

You can plainly conclude that I recommend Carmine Labriola totally, without hesitation or the slightest reservation.

Paul. B

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Carmine Labriola and Re Landscapes since 2009 in a variety of projects at our home in North Salem, NY.

He has handled large-scale projects like the reclamation of a silted-in ¼-acre pond at the front of our property, which turned an overgrown eyesore into a beautiful, environmentally-friendly ecosystem which the Town of North Salem points to as a model for improving freshwater quality, and the transformation of a barely accessible rear yard into a multilevel Zen garden that invites strolling and peaceful relaxation amid stone walls and gravel pathways.

He has also handled a multitude of smaller-scale projects from plantings to grading to storm water mitigation.

He has done all this with professionalism and good humor and in a spirit of collaboration with me and respect for the environment. I have learned a great deal from him and continue to be amazed at the breadth of his knowledge in this and related fields.

I can recommend him with complete assurance and would be happy to answer any specific questions about the work he has done on our property.

World Trade Center memorial & Memorial Museum

We wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your proposal on the WTC Memorial Project. We understand how time consuming and costly a proposal for a large complex project can be. Your proposal served to confirm our estimate and its assumptions, and was invaluable. As you know, the project was considerably over budget, and is now in redesign. When the revised documents are issued in September, they will reflect a significantly different program, but some key elements will be nearly unchanged. Please retain your documents and estimates because they may yet prove useful. Bovis Lend Lease will issue a new set of 25% CDs in late September. Some elements will be well more advanced than the 25% would indicate. A new deadline will be set at that time and we look forward to your active participation in the budgeting and bidding process on this project.

Cassidy Excavating Inc

Carmine Labriola worked as an ISA at our Westchester Community College Gateway Center project. This is a LEED project. Carmine provided services to our company from January thru December, 2009. His responsibilities were to assist myself in the landscaping portion of the project, prepare sample submissions, regulate certified arborist specifications, checks and controls, consult in purchasing trees and plant material and act as a consultant to Cassidy Excavating to meet the terms and conditions of the specifications and LEED requirements. His services proved to be very beneficial in completing the landscaping phase of this project.