About Related Sciences, Inc

We provide our Clients with Environmental Consultation and Design input while working one-on-one with them to achieve their goals. Our staff utilizes a minimalist approach in order to provide a sustainable, cost effective enviroscape plan.

Related Sciences’ design work and bid packages are created by an in-house professional staff with over 40+ years of experience--These packages, for both Residential and Commercial Property Owners, are created by utilizing a very innovative approach that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. The result of this unique minimalist approach allows for simple designs, appropriate pricing and timely scheduling in order to meet client goals and budget restraints. Related Sciences projects are monitored and inspected from beginning through to completion by our accredited supervisors.

Partial list of clients:

Yeshiva University - consulting on multiple projects with in-house and engineering departments to develop: new parking, new walkways, revitalizing old landscape, introducing recreation throughout a 50-acre complex.

The Woods Condominiums – hired us to consult and create bid packages for the Home Owners Management Association (HOMA) and landscape committee: roof leader drainage and storm water mitigation, pond masonry restoration, re-asphalt pathways, restoration of pond dam and spillway gates. Restoration of pond vis-à-vis maintenance dredging.

Pondside Condominiums - HOMA engaged us to evaluate and design a better infrastructure including: drainage system, restoration of pond through maintenance dredging, waterfall aeration system for pond, restoration of shoreline.

Fairview County Club – ongoing evaluations of multiple projects with FCC’s management for general site work, landscaping, watercourses and pond services. Target areas include restoration of ponds, maintenance dredging, aeration system for multiple pond flow to decrease aquatic vegetation, stone walls and piers, etc.

Orange Town Hilton – contracted to evaluate and study development in the area and to establish new approaches in order to protect their property from negative neighboring development impact.

Sunnyfield Farm – consulting and designing a new storm water drainage system to control overflow onto horse rings, as well as new drainage design for their 75-acre property.

Westchester Community College - consulting on the LEED Project for the Gateway Buildings as their International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Consultant; storm water installation and general landscaping, including design and installation of woodland meadows.

About ReLandscapes, Inc

We provide services for Agencies, Corporations, Small Businesses, Residential Homeowners, Homeowners Management Association (HOMA), other Professionals.

  • Sitework: earth/grading, drainage, driveway, paving roads and paths, storm drainage
  • Hardscape: walls, patios, walkways, recreation areas, pools
  • Landscape design: gardens, waterfalls, wetland/pond design, installation and restoration
  • Arborist: installation or removal of plant material and trees
  • Wetland Restoration: streams, ponds, lakes; wetland mitigation and remediation
  • Maintenance dredging and drainage systems

About Carmine L. Labriola

Carmine Lawrence Labriola was born and raised on a 150 acre grower nursery owned by his father Lawrence Labriola Sr., who founded the diversified landscape service business in 1935. Carmine extended his landscape knowledge by specializing in civil and environmental engineering, water quality, wetlands and integrated property management for landscape site work operations throughout the tri-state area. Carmine is currently consulting for Related Sciences, Inc. and affiliated company ReLandscapes, Inc.

Carmine has been recognized for his extensive work in landscape design and installation and site work. Among his many accomplishments, he has been recognized both locally and nationally as a specialist by numerous organizations including the American Society of Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers of Westchester, New York Coalition of Alternatives to Pesticide, the Construction Industry Council of Westchester & Hudson Valley, the American Nurseryman Association and many more corporate and private entities. Carmine is a certified arborist through England’s International Association of Arboriculture. A high-end residential garden won him a national design excellence award given by Garden Design Magazine. He has been a consultant for commercial and residential properties, municipalities, DEP agencies, Landscape Architects, Developers, etc. for 40 years. Mr. Labriola has been a guest speaker and presenter for numerous charities, organizations, expos and lectures locally as well as on the national stage.

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