ReLandscapes, Inc performs small projects with the knowledge of large project know-how

This is a partial list


Bralower Residence - Design and installation of drainage system, landscape, property restoration

Town: Stamford, Connecticut

Benjamino Residence - Foundation work, plantings, landscape maintenance

Town: New Rochelle, New York

Birkenholz Residence – general landscaping, walls, driveway, walkway improvements

Town: Armonk, New York

Clark Estate - Design and installation of residential wetland, patios, walls, pool, tennis court, driveway

Town: Scarsdale, New York

Franciosa Residence - Landscape design and installation of pool area, rear property landscape design and installation

Town: Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Heins Residence - New walls, patio, curbing, driveway, landscape enhancements

Town: Irvington, New York

Passaretti Residence – Design and installation, property and pond restoration

Town: Darien, Connecticut

Weber Estate - Residential restoration: Design and installation of general landscape, Pool, patios, residential soccer field, driveway

Town: Rye, New York

West Brotherhood Association, Betsy Keller - Permitting for maintenance dredging of 2-3 acre area for wetland remediation, general landscaping

Town: Greenwich, Connecticut


Diamond Properties – private athletic field facility. Design and install athletic fields, general landscaping, and wetland restoration

Town: Mount Kisco, New York

Town of Mount Kisco – additional athletic field restoration

Town: Mount Kisco, New York

Fairview Country Club – Multiple projects: New Permits, new entryway, piers, roadway, general landscaping, removal and installation of trees, new water quality system for five ponds, maintenance dredging, lawn maintenance, staircase, patio restoration, asphalt paving

Town: Greenwich, Connecticut

Hardscrabble Nursery – Storm water collection system, sediment detention, access roads soil drainage system

Town: North Salem, New York

Pondside Condominiums – multiple projects: pond maintenance/dredging, island landscape/aeration, waterfalls, restoration of drainage infrastructure

Town: Greenburg, New York

The Woods Condominiums– multiple projects: new drainage system, improve landscapes, pond and storm water outflow remediation, retaining walls

Town: Ossining, New York

Yeshiva University, AECOM – multiple projects: overall landscape design and installation of path systems and parking areas, multiple building restoration of grounds, create open spaces/habitat

Town: South Bronx, New York